Dear Boss,
I have a 2004 Raptor 660 and it seems to think I don’t need reverse. It backfires and quits running whenever I shift to reverse. It runs fine in all of the forward gears. Also, I have a problem with the cooling fan shutting off when it tries to run. Do you know what could be causing these problems? Thank you for your time.
Tim Perry
Owego, New York

Sounds to me, Tim, like your reverse sensor isn’t working correctly. While in reverse, the CDI is supposed to be hobbled, reducing power so you don’t back up too fast but not to kill the engine. You can fool the reverse sensor by unwrapping the wiring harness close to the CDI box and locate the green/white stripe wire and the black/tan stripe wire. Remove insulation from both wires and bridge the two with a 10-100 ohm resistor. The only really good way to cover the wires for a fix like this with 90 degree connections is “Liquid Plastic.” Now the CDI will always think you are in one of the forward gears. As to your fan problem, disconnect the fan wires and hook up jumper wires with a 12V source. If the fan spins, it is the fan relay. If it doesn’t spin, the fan’s bearings are shot and the fan will have to be replaced.

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