Rath Racing and Pride Solutions Team Up with New Product

Announcing TerraRath product for UTV & ATV

Well-known ATV aftermarket product manufacturer, Rath Racing, led by race legend Daryl Rath, has joined forces with Pride Solutions LLC to form TerraRath.  The partnership between these manufacturers brings about a unique synergy of experience and expertise for a new product division, TerraRath, to outfit UTV’s and ATV’s with high quality protective accessories.

About TerraRath

Daryl Rath’s passion for racing drove many of his innovative aluminum-based products to be adopted by ATV & UTV riders.   He recognized the opportunity to leverage an alternative material, poly, to further protect his machines.  This is where Pride Solutions enters the scene with its expertise working with poly materials and experience with high performance snowmobile skis through Pride’s history of C&A Pro Skis racing products.

The initial product offering is a line of TerraRath Poly Skid Plates.  These skid plates are made of 3/8” thick durable Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW) material.   This poly material is extremely tough and helps machines slide over rugged terrain such as rocks and obstacles. TerraRath Skid Plates are currently available for the Polaris RZR 900 S with more makes and models to follow. Daryl Rath will have this exciting new product on his machine at the upcoming GNCC races. Make sure to stop by the pit for more information!

Why TerraRath Poly Skid Plates can take on the hard-hitting terrains?

The “Tougher than Rocks” UHMW Poly material has characteristics of extreme durability, pliable and abrasion resistant.  Its slick surface enables the machines to better overcome obstacles that would otherwise damage the undercarriage.

The Poly Skid Plates are designed for fit, function and machine maintenance ease, with access holes for changing oil.  Our kits make it practical to replace a selective section of the skid plate if necessary, therefore avoiding having to purchase an entire skid plate kit.

The TerraRath Poly Skid Plates are available through Rath Racing and can be purchased online at www.terrarath.com.

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