Reader Survey: Win a FREE set of ITP tires & wheels

Who says nothing in life is free? Take a moment to fill out our latest reader survey and you may just win a free set of tires and wheels from Dirt Wheels and ITP. The survey helps us find out exactly what kind of products you, the readers, are buying and what you want to see featured in the pages of Dirt Wheels.
For 2012, ITP has a host of new tires and wheels to choose from. For sport quad riders, the big news is the return of the classic Turf Tammer in pre-grooved and full-knobby versions. If you have never ridden on a set of Turf Tammers, you don’t know what you are missing out on. They are ultra-lightweight and provide so much traction that you will feel like the racing surface is made out of sandpaper.
Utility ATV and UTV riders also have new styles to choose from. For deep mud riding, the Mud Mayhem looks to have clawing abilities that would impress the creature from the black lagoon.Β  Named after one of the toughest GNCC races of all time, the Black Water should prove to be as strong as its namesake. Look for a test of these tires in an upcoming issue. As for the wheels, ITP has the largest selection of sport and utility wheels in the industry. Check out our complete utility-wheel buyer’s guide in this issue to see information on all of them, including the new SS216 and SS316.

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