Some people have a hidden talent that they aren’t even aware of. Beau Baron didn’t dream of becoming the WORCS Pro ATV champion from an early age. He actually wanted to be a motorcycle champion, but it just happened that he was better on four wheels than two. “I raced the Pro 2 class at a WORCS race on a motorcycle and got something like 15th. I had also done a few National MXs with okay results. Then I borrowed a friend’s ATV and raced Pro at another WORCS race. I got fifth! And I knew it would just get better.”
      It did. ATV riding just came naturally. It doesn’t always work that way for Pro motorcycle riders. “I let my friend Nate Woods (former WORCS two-wheel champion) try my quad and he just didn’t get it.“ Beau clinched the 2009 WORCS Pro ATV title a few months ago in a nail-biter of a finale. His Honda TRX450R developed an electrical problem and he had to be towed back to the pits by his team manager, Mike Cafro. They figured out the problem quickly enough to get the machine back on the track about a lap down. Beau had to finish mid pack to clinch the championship. He did and the rest is history.
      We got a chance to check out Beau’s 2010 Honda last week. Mike Cafro built it and brought it straight to our photo studio to let us give it the once over. Then we went out to the track to ride it. It was the windiest day ever at Glen Helen Raceway, which is already the windiest place ever. We still had a great hanging out with Beau and riding his quad. Who wouldn’t? You can read all about it in the May issue of Dirt Wheels. He will be in the spotlight next week, when he will have to defend his championship and ride with a big number one on his Honda.

Beau did some serious jumping for our camera in wind that was gusting to 60 mph!
Roll Design and Elka parts are key elements in the MCR Honda.
The Cafro team will be with Motoworks again. As it turns out, the Motoworks Can Am team is Baron’s biggest competition.
Justin Jones got a chance to ride Baron’s ATV for our photos, too. He dug it

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