New 2020 Model

Mahindra Automotive North America continues the evolution of the ROXOR with the release of the 2020 model.  The ROXOR evolves with the introduction of new styling, new gearing, and a flood of new accessories in 2020; proving that the ROXOR is fast becoming the ultimate in tough work/play off-road vehicles ready to take on any and all challengers.
The 2020 ROXOR will continue to move people in ways and in places unique to any off-road vehicle and will do it with a new head-on look. The new ROXOR receives fresh styling in the grille/lighting area to offer a more pronounced and efficient lighting design.
The drivability is also improved with smoother, effortless shifting with new gearing.  A 5:38 axle gear ratio allows the ROXOR to climb hills effortlessly and livens up the powertrain, enhancing power responsiveness.
“The ROXOR future continues to gain strength and momentum in 2020,” said Richard Ansell, Mahindra Automotive North America Vice President of Marketing.  “The new ROXOR line includes new design elements and performance enhancements and we will be introducing new accessories every month. We are beginning to shift more focus to the fleet, work, and ranch/agricultural opportunities as the ROXOR is strong, tough, and vastly outperforms light-duty SxSs when it comes to getting real work done on a daily basis.”
The ROXOR is developed and engineered in the United States based on the same rugged platform Mahindra has been using in India for decades.
For the model year 2020, ROXOR has released several new optional features and accessories; such as an industry-first factory-installed lift kit, an all-new grille design, and three new standard color options.
With the release of the new online configurator, the consumer can now completely customize their own ROXOR on our website for immediate pricing and share their build with a local dealer. With over 450 color options the ROXOR is the world’s most customizable vehicle from the factory. 

The ROXOR continues to provide a reliable, economical, and long-lasting 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine and 4WD to help get you where you need to go. The sturdy boxed steel frame and the rock-solid reliable drivetrain with truck-inspired 5-speed manual transmission or an optional 6-speed automatic transmission is ready to bypass well-trodden paved roads with modern innovation and extreme customization capabilities to take on almost anything a rugged stretch of terrain throws at it.

Mahindra Automotive North America is committed to growing the unique design and engineering attributes that make the ROXOR the toughest, strongest, and truly authentic off-road only work/play vehicle in the United States. ROXOR continues to gain momentum in commercial segments and is fast proving to be a top choice among fleet needs with its rugged, low maintenance and strong durability attributes that make it a true utilitarian work vehicle.
A perfect blend of old-school simplicity and current technology, when you purchase a ROXOR, you are investing in an industrial strength utility vehicle. Prepare yourself for the fun of accessorizing and customizing to match your adventure while utilizing the online configurator. This simple platform has proven itself worthy and comes with an industry-leading limited warranty of two years or 12,000 miles. Starting at MSRP $16,599. Fleet programs are available.
For more information on the new ROXOR, visit www.roxoroffroad.com and follow ROXOR on social media via facebook.com/roxoroffroad and @roxoroffroad on Twitter and Instagram.

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