Sand season is upon us. Whether you are heading out to Glamis or Dumont in the Southwest or preparing to ride the Oregon Coast, Little Sahara or Sand Lake, having the right tires is key. There are different philosophies from each brand for sure, but one thing is certain: you don’t want knobs or mud tires in the dunes. They will drag you down and leave you in the dust. The following is what each tire company is offering this season for the newer, larger UTVs, like the turbocharged Can-Am Maverick, the Polaris RZR and Arctic Cat’s Wildcat.


The GMZ Sand Stripper comes in front-ribbed and rear-scoop designs, which are both lightweight and provide
good floatation and traction. Up front, three ribs help guide machines through the dunes in a 28×12-14 size. Two options are available for the 28×15-14 rear end. Standard machines with stock horsepower will get motivation from a staggered 3/4-inch paddle (14 in all), or the higher- horsepower, turbo-equipped cars can get the most forward bite with 1 1/8-inch-tall paddles.

Contact: (800) 252-1325 or


STI V-Roll
The V-Roll is STI’s early UTV tire that provides great all-around traction. It’s a four-ply tire that comes in sizes 27×11-14 for the front and 27×14-14 out back. Look for STI to step up the sand tire game early next year with products for the 1000cc class or UTVs.

Contact: www.stitireandwheelcom


EFX Sand Slinger
EFX’s first offering is a set that consists of full smoothies up front and a 14-scoop paddle tire for the rear. The fronts are four-ply and measure 27×10-14 or 29×11-14, and the rear also carries a four-ply rating and comes in sizes 27×13-14 or 29×14-14.Another great thing about the EFX Sand Slinger tire is that their sister company, MSA, has an endless choice of wheels to put them on.

Contact: for details or (800) 734-4890


RP Advanced
A product developed by RP Advanced is the Delta FX dune tire. This is a four-wheel-paddle tire setup that we have found works great on and off the soft stuff. The four-ply tires measure 27×13-14 in the rear and 27×10-14 up front. The fronts don’t kick any sand into the cockpit of the machine and floatation is awesome. The center rib makes traveling on hard surfaces smooth as well. Prices are $188 and $195.

Contact: (503) 434-6845 or


Skat Trak
Skat Trak is a paddle-tire-making business. They basically can build a sand tire off of any carcass you give them. We have seen them buff down a mud tire and turn it into dune-ready rubber. Call them for any of your custom needs.

Contact: (909) 969-7528 or


ITP Dune Star/Sand Star
ITP’s sand tire line for UTVs is limited to 26×9-12 front and 26×11-12 rear sizings that will work great for older Rhinos, RZR 800s and the smaller trail-width UTVs. The front has a small rib running around the tire that won’t make you fight the steering wheel, and the rear is constructed with small paddles that should be easy on axles. You could run these paddles on all four corners on higher-horsepower machines. Check their website for info on larger sizes that are in the works.


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