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By the staff of Dirt Wheels

This case is waterproof and dust-proof. It securely latches closed and can be locked shut. Roll cage mounts come standard with each Savage UTV kit.


Remember playing with a rubber band in school? Some of us even launched them at unsuspecting victims we considered our friends, while others stretched them more and more while trying to pay attention in class. All of a sudden, snap! That momentary tool of joy and distraction snaps, and the fun ceases. 

We experience that same feeling to a far greater magnitude when the CVT belt on our prized UTV gives out. The engine revs, yet the glorified golf cart goes nowhere fast. We always carry a spare belt and tools to change it. Generally, all of that is rattling around in a tool bag in the cargo bed, but thanks to Savage UTV, we have an awesome product that protects and aids getting to the spare belt and tools easily.


The Savage UTV Belt Change Kit starts out with a molded, hard plastic case. The case has two strong latches and a rubber seal on the lid that keep the case securely closed. Savage claims that the kit is not only airtight but also waterproof according to the IP67 rating it received.

Mounting brackets and hardware come standard with the kit so you can secure it to your UTV’s roll cage. Inside the Savage toolkit is an open area of the lid that will fit the spare belt that your machine takes. Unfortunately, not all makes and models will fit in the case. The Wildcat XX is one of those on the list. However, our Polaris RZR XP Turbo S belt fits perfectly.


The bottom portion of the case contains a foam insert that has cutouts to fit 11-inch needle-nose pliers, an 18mm utility knife, a ratcheting screwdriver with 8mm and 10mm sockets, and an extra space to hold whichever CVT sheave spreading tool that your machine comes with. On top of that, you can easily customize the foam insert to fit other tools of your choosing. 

The Savage UTV kit comes with 11-inch-long pliers, a ratcheting driver with an 8mm and 10mm socket bit, a utility knife, and foam that has a cut-out for each tool, including your specific machine’s CVT sheave spreader.



We bolted our kit to our Polaris RZR and drove for miles in rough, muddy, dry hardpack and sandy conditions. The tools all stayed in place, as did the spare CVT belt. We managed to have a belt fail, and the pliers were useful to pull out the strands of the belt from the sheaves, and the knife helped us cut through the stuck pieces. The ratcheting driver fits all around the CVT cover to remove it. 

When the Savage toolkit is not in use, the case has a hole on the top and bottom lid that you can run a lock through to make sure no one takes your spare parts. If someone really wanted to take your whole case, the hose clamps that attach it to the cage are the only weak point of the kit. There are a few other versions of this case, including a first-aid kit and an empty case to fit two spare belts. The toolkit sells for $169.95, and you can purchase it by going to!

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