PRODUCT TEST: S&B Particle Separator

No one likes to constantly replace or clean a reusable air filter after every other big ride. Especially when it comes to riding in the sand or desert, changing filters is a constant need. S&B Filters designed a new air-filtration system called a Particle Separator, with technology derived from military helicopters. To put it simply, this $399 system sucks in dust and pushes it back out, allowing clean air to reach your air filter.

Once the dust- and debris-filled air enters the Particle Separator, a fan pulls most of all the dirt back out into the open once the clean air has been pulled to the RZR’s air filter.

S&B’s patent-pending design that is currently for the Polaris RZR (more UTV models to come) starts with the intake grate. Nineteen tubes spin the air and dust in a cyclone that allows the dirt to spin to the outer walls of the tubes. The dirt then falls downward to an electric fan that propels the dirt and dust behind the intake opening. The clean air that was separated with this process continues on into the intake tubes that are attached to the roll cage, then down into the RZR’s intake system to the air filter. S&B performs rigorous testing of their filter systems to make sure horsepower isn’t robbed from the machine, and they claim this system won’t lessen your machine’s power and instead keep it consistent through hours of riding. S&B’s Particle Separator also doubles as a snorkel since it utilizes watertight tubing and is mounted up high on your machine. It clamps onto your UTV’s roll cage in the rear with their specially designed aluminum mounts that fit multiple-sized cage tubes and can even be mounted with roofs. The intake tube that comes out of the Particle Separator then goes down to the stock intake opening location to a part that replaces the stock one.

S&B’s Particle Separator replaces the stock RZR intake grate with a fully sealed system up to the Separator. The system hooks onto many different-sized roll cages.

We took two machines on a long desert loop in one of our secret testing locations. We had a RZR XP 1000 with the Particle Separator installed follow another machine in its dust for 30 miles with the system running. After the first loop we changed air filters, then disconnected the particle separator and did the same long loop again to test the usefulness of S&B’s product. Upon inspection of the air filter with the Particle Separator running, the airbox and filter remained quite fresh and clean. After we got done with the second loop we cracked open the air-filter box again. This time the whole inside of the box was coated in dust and the filter was as well. S&B’s Particle Separator did its job and kept out most all of the dirt and dust an air filter would normally be saturated with. This means your machine can keep breathing deeply for hours of riding in the dirtiest terrain, and you will maintain your machine’s power through races or recreational riding. S&B claims that their system will keep your $75 air-filter cleaner 15 times longer than a normal intake system. And from what we saw, we believe it. In addition to their Particle Separator, S&B has a full-intake system coming out for the RZR XP 1000, as well as a clutch intake snorkel kit. With a setup like that, it’s doubtful your machine will stop breathing properly.

Nineteen specially designed cones spin the dust and air once it enters the Separator and causes the dust to cyclone to the outside walls of each tube. Clean air continues on through smaller tubes, while the dust falls down and gets sucked back out into the open air behind you.

S&B Filters specializes in air-intake and filter systems for trucks and SUVs, like the machines we tow our ATVs and UTVs with. They are now branching into the UTV industry, starting with the Particle Separator system that doubles as an intake snorkel. They also have a full-intake kit and a clutch intake snorkel system in the works. We took a stroll through their factory to see how they make their intake systems and were impressed with the high-quality materials they use to keep their systems lasting a long time. If that is any indication as to what the Particle Separator will live up to, then we have high hopes for S&B’s new product. Call (909) 9470015 or go to to order their system for yourself.

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