The perfect UTV helmet?

 — Product evaluation: by the staff of Dirt Wheels —

This a very light, clean-appearing open-face helmet. The shield fits tight and protects your eyes very well. The inner sun visor doesn’t love dust but is still a unique feature.

Scorpion Sports, Inc. USA specializes in technical apparel and equipment. That means clothing and protective gear that can handle adverse conditions. Dirt Wheels has plenty of experience with Scorpion helmets, but with the EXO-CT220 helmet, we were looking for a helmet that addressed specific needs. One of our staff wears prescription glasses, and he was looking for a light, comfortable helmet for over-the-glasses wear. The EXO-CT220 has both a clear flip-down shield and a smaller, smoked, three-step, retractable Speedview sun visor that flips down beneath the clear shield. The clear shield has detents, so it can be partially or fully opened and stay that way.

Depending on your age, the $149.95 EXO-CT220 is called a full-coverage or three-quarter open-face design. Obviously, it is lighter than a full-face, and the ventilation is naturally great, and that includes the built-in vents that are part of the Aero-Tuned ventilation system. With the shield down, you can drive a UTV quickly with excellent vision and eye protection. For those times where you are hitting slower, more technical trails like in the woods, swapping between the shield and a peak takes mere seconds with the tool-free, quick-change ratchet system.


Scorpion uses a polycarbonate shell for this DOT-approved helmet. It features a KwikWick II washable, anti-microbial comfort liner with quick-release KwikFit cheek pads specifically designed to accommodate eyeglasses. The comfort padding covers dual-density EPS.

There are several colors to choose from, including white, matte or gloss black and neon yellow, and the helmet weighs just under 3.3 pounds. In addition to the shield and sun visor, the helmet comes with a removable peak. Since it attaches the same way as the shield, the peak also rotates up. We didn’t try them out, but the helmet is made with pockets for communication system speakers.


It helps to open the shield if you are putting the helmet on while still wearing glasses. Once on, though, the fit is quite comfortable. It fits snugly enough to keep you warm when it is cold, yet it still allows ample ventilation. The shield locks completely down when fully shut, and it almost takes two hands to open it. You can use one hand, but you have to do one side at a time. It has a stop where the shield is closed but not locked, and we frequently used that setting. You can also lift the shield completely for maximum airflow when it is slow and warm, if you need to talk to somebody or shoot photos.

The shield is easy to keep clean and has proven pleasantly scratch-resistant. We wore goggles at times with the peak, but the OTG goggles we tried put pressure on our nasal passages.


We are very pleased with the EXO-CT220. It is the perfect complement to prescription glasses. Some will call out the safety factor, but we often see folks avoid wearing a helmet, citing comfort and convenience. It is never a handicap to wear the EXO-CT220. If we are pounding high-speed rough, we would pull out a full-face, but for most trail situations, this is the helmet of choice. We have used it for snow and blazing hot dunes and been pleased. Being a street helmet, the internal flip-down sun visor grew reluctant when contaminated with dust. Honestly, that is the only complaint. We like the comfort, convenience, eye protection and the five-year warranty. We even like the price. Visit to learn more.

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