PRODUCT TEST: Scorpion VX-35 Helmet

Helmets are the number one safety item you should purchase when buying your first machine. What some people don’t know is that helmets are designed to withstand only one major impact before its safety integrity is ruined and should be replaced after a major crash. When choosing a new helmet, there are many different styles, colors and options available from manufacturers. We got in contact with Scorpion EXO about their off-road helmets, and they sent us their VX-35 that retails for $139.95. Their lids offer great protection, great ventilation, are lightweight and also have a nice overall design. And with the advancement in safety these days, you have features such as air pumps that fill the cheek pads for a more secure fit that is incorporated into this helmet from Scorpion EXO.

We received our VX-35 Miramar Blue Camo helmet, and we were impressed with how well it looked for the retail price of $139.95. This lid is made of a polycarbonate shell to minimize weight and disperse impacts. The removable and washable Kwik-Wick II anti-microbial liner fabric keeps you dry and cool in hot weather and warm in cool weather. Five intake ports on the chin, three across the eyebrow and one large top scoop allow cool air to flow in, and four exhaust ports force hot air out. For a more comfortable and snug fit, Scorpion has incorporated their AirFit liner inflation system. The purpose of the pump is to allow for a snug fit after the padding has compressed with use. To operate the AirFit system, you simply press the thumb-sized pump on the inner center chin area to the desired fit, and to relieve the pressure, it has a button on the left side of the pump. The overall design and safety of the helmet is DOT and ECE approved, so you know it will hold up in harsh impacts and crashes. The shell is designed to work with modern neck braces without any discomfort. You can adjust the visor with the easy-to-use adjustment knobs. The aerodynamic design allows flowing air through the visor while still blocking the sun from above, and a peak extender is included to reduce mud buildup on those wet rides. It has a wide eyeport that accommodates most goggle sizes and brands, and features a soft pliable rubber roost guard.

The AirFit pump is easy to operate with the thumb-sized button in the center of the chin area. The air-release button is small yet large enough to be operated with gloves on.
The AirFit pump is easy to operate with the thumb-sized button in the center of the chin area. The air-release button is small yet large enough to be operated with gloves on.

The Scorpion VX-35 is a very lightweight and comfortable helmet. With nine color options to choose from, you can find the right one for you. During testing, our rider had nothing but compliments for this helmet. On hot days, the large top air scoop, intake ports on the chin, and eyebrow and exhaust ports in the rear allowed the hot air to escape, keeping your head cool. The overall design of the helmet works well with most brand neck braces for a comfortable fit. With a price of $139.95, you can add some style to your riding attire without breaking the bank. For comparison we tested the $189.95 MX456E from LS2; it also features an air pump to inflate the cheek pads for a snug fit. These pump systems are easy to use during your ride. To order your helmet from Scorpion, visit them at or give them a call at (888) 672-6774.

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