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The Dirt Wheels crew spends a lot of time wearing helmets. One day on the trail while taking a break from a ride, we began discussing helmets and which ones we considered to be the best buy for the money. There was one model of a particular brand that kept coming up in the list we’d recommend. That would be the VX-35 made by Scorpion.

The first thing we like about the VX-35 is the price. Yeah, you can spend a lot of money for a fancy helmet, but we think you should be able to get something good for under $150. The VX-35 comes in at $139.95. That is for the solid color version in either white or black. However, the versions with stylish graphics are only 10 bucks more at  $149.95.

You can get different color options in three different style of graphic designs, known as the VX-35 Finnex, VX-35 Krush and VX-35 Miramar. Of the choices you’ll surely find a style you like.

Here are the other things we like about this lightweight Polycarbonate shell helmet. It has a large eye port that makes it easy to fit different brands of goggles comfortably.

The VX-35 has the AirFit liner inflation system that allows you to adjust more or less pressure for a snug fit. The buttons are easy to work with gloves on.

This helmet has an exceptionally good ventilation system to help keep your head cool on hot days. That includes the chin vent which has a filter that is easily removed to wash out the dust that gets collected over time.

The VX-35 has a a liner that you can remove to wash. Scorpion calls it the KwikWick Washable Anti-Microbial Comfort Liner and it does a good job of keeping the helmet from acquiring odors after long usage.

Along with the removable roost guard, we also like the adjustable Aero-Tuned visor that includes a Peak Extender. This can help deflect muddy roost or keep a low sun out of your eyes. The VX-35 is DOT approved and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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