— Extra protection for your CV joint —

When you operate your machine in harsh conditions, such as mud, rocks, and heavy dust, these elements can cause premature wear on moving parts. SealSavers has jumped into the UTV market with their Coil Savers and CV Savers. The Coil Savers wrap around the coil springs of your shocks to prevent rocks and other debris from making contact with the shock shaft and seal. These items are made of neoprene and are easily cleaned with water without the need of any other cleaning products.


The CV Saver installs over your existing CV joint boot for added protection. It can also be used in an emergency if the boot happened to get ripped in any way. We test-fitted our CV Savers on not only UTVs but also some 4×4 ATVs. They fit on a Polaris Sportsman 1000 4×4, Arctic Cat Wildcat, but not the RZR XP1000 very well. You can install them over your CV boots for double the added protection, or keep them in your tool bag until you need them.


Installation is simple, allowing you to wrap the CV Saver around the joint with Velcro and the supplied zip-ties without any needed tools. The advantages of having these CV Savers in your tool bag is when a boot gets torn or needs replacement, you can wrap the CV Saver around it to get you by without the need to fully disassemble the axle to replace the boot.  This is a fast and easy way to get you back out on the trail to continue enjoying your day with less time wrenching and making repairs. You order a set of two for $26.95 or a set of four for $49.95, and are only available in the color black.  You can find a similar product from PRP for $25 per boot cover.


Coil Savers are available in two sizes for 2.0–2.5- and 2.5–3.0-inch coilover shocks. Each Coil Saver is 13 inches in length to provide great coverage of your shock. You can easily install these without removing the shocks, and when it’s time for cleaning they can be removed just as easily as they were installed. Cleaning only involves water without the need of any other cleaning products. They do not interfere with the compression of the shock during use. We test-fitted a pair of their 2.0–2.5 covers onto Yamaha’s YFZ450R sport ATV with a surprising result of them fitting fairly well. They gave the shock full coverage and would fit snug or loose depending on how you would want to run them. On longer shocks, such as those found on UTVs, these would not cover the shock completely from top to bottom. They cover the lower portion of the shock to help protect the shock shaft. During use, the covers add superior protection from rocks, mud, dust or other debris you might encounter or get kicked up when following friends on the trail or track. Installation takes just a few minutes with no tools needed, and you simply wrap around the shock and Velcro them together. You can purchase a set of two for $34.95 or a set of four for $64.95, and are only available in black.

To order your CV and Coil Savers, call (951) 244-6475 or visit www.seal



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