SECURE Sling and Strap Tie Downs

Heavy Duty Performance Without the Heavy Duty Price

SECURE Sling and Strap ratchet tie downs are the perfect UTV transport security without having to spend big name prices. The 2″ x 25′ industrial strength ratchet straps are available double-J hook and will soon be available as a “super ratchet” with heavy duty clip hooks. (The “super ratchet” is currently available in limited stock)  We were given the opportunity to test the first super ratchets, and we were impressed.

We used these tie downs on our 40ft flat bed trailer to haul multiple machines. When you have 3 machines tip to tail you need them to stay put, and avoid damaging each other. SECURE straps are comparable to MAC tie downs with 10,000 lbs of breaking strength and  a twisted snap hook for convenient anchoring. The smaller 1″ x 15′ S-hook is perfect for securing quads.

Each strap is made from industrial-grade polyester which resists water, oil, UV, stretching, tearing, rot, mold and mildew. The soft protective cover on the axle strap not only protects your machine, but helps extend the life of your tie down. A ratcheting feature will make sure that your hold is secure and tight, while allowing for easy release.

Use the discount code: [email protected] over at SECURE are giving our readers a %10 discount on “Super Ratchet” tie downs! These are currently in limited stock, so hurry, get your before they’re gone! Follow the link to get yours: SECURE Sling and Strap

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