Seizmik Introduces New Line of Hunting Gear for UTVs

Seizmik is gearing up for the hunting season with the introduction of four new products designed with the hunter in mind. UTV owners now have an option for carrying their guns in or on their vehicles without the need for modification or compromise.

The new line of Seizmik gun holders provide peace of mind when out in the woods. They are easy to install and remove, will protect your guns, and keep your UTV safe from scratches that occur when holder modification is required. With plenty of room for ammo and accessories, your hunting season just got better.

The ICOS (In Cab on Seat) Gun Holder (P/N 150201) ($149.99) easily installs in your UTV without the need for tools, using the seat belt already in your vehicle. It keeps the muzzles of two guns pointed safely at the floor and is made from closed-cell foam that keeps your guns from being damaged or scratched. Nylon webbing and buckles ensure little to no noise when removing or storing your guns out in the field. The ICOS Gun Holder retails for $149.99.

The OHGR (Overhead Gun Rack) installs on the rollover protection structure of most UTVs and holds your guns over your head and out of the way. It is made with premium materials, like glass-filled nylon and cast aluminum, and has three different configurations for the best possible attachment to your vehicle. It features rubber-lined jaws that won’t scratch or damage your guns and rubber straps that won’t make any noise when removing or storing your guns. The OGHR (P/N 150202 to 150204) retails for $149.99.

The Armory SST (Secure Storage & Transport) Gun Case (P/N 150195) holds shotguns, rifles and ARs with or without optics, accommodating almost any long gun up to 52”. Designed for quick access to your weapon, it has movable foam inserts that hold the gun in place without contacting your sights. It has a sliding hinge design so you can use both hands to get your gun as well as work on your gun as it is held securely in place. It has extra space inside the case for the storage of rounds and cleaning supplies. It requires the Armory X Rack (sold separately) to mount to UTV dump beds. The Armory SST retails for $199.99.

The Armory X Rack (P/N 150196 to 150200) is designed to hold two Armory SST Gun Cases (sold separately). It attaches to both sides of your UTV’s dump bed and creates a rigid, strong base to keep your guns stable no matter how rough the trail is.  The Armory X Rack retails for $159.99.

The complete line of Seizmik hunting products can be ordered through your local Tucker Rocky | Biker’s Choice dealer. To locate a dealer near you visit

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