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The Trial Zero.1 is very comfortable and has protective parts built in. It is worth the price tag.


Have you ever felt the smooth and warm comfort of slipping on a set of Ugg sheepskin boots? We imagine that sliding into a set of these Sidi Trial Zero.1 boots must be similar. We ride a lot of big 4×4 quads, and wearing a full motocross boot is a bit much on them. The search for a lightweight boot that still has some general protection was on, and we landed at the Trial. They are designed for trials motorcycle riders that jump from boulder to boulder for a good time. They are very light in weight and flexible to allow the movement these riders need. Those traits make them ideal for a big 4×4 ATV.


This boot has a clean, simple, classic look on the outside, but there are modern materials and construction used. Sidi utilized Technomicro microfiber and suede for the outer and upper material of the Trial boot. Cambrelle and air Teflon mesh line the inside of the boot. They bottomed the boot with a rubber sole that has more grip than most moto boots would.

The toe of the Trial is strong and impact-resistant, and so is the non-deformable heel section. Running up the boot are three buckles that are adjustable to fit most riders with a sturdy shin plate at the top. You could fit a thin set of knee guards in the boot if needed. Last, the inner sole of the Zero.1 is made of nylon and the arch support is removable.

This Sidi has classic, good, clean looks, but it has been outfitted with new technology, and we dig that style.



We buckled into a set of the Sidis and went on a fun trail ride. After a few hours our tester thought, “Oh yeah, I’m wearing boots I am supposed to focus on.” That tells you how comfortable these are. A few of us share the same-size foot, so we passed around the set. Kind of gross in the hot sun, we know, but the verdict came out the same.

The Sidi Trial Zero.1 is very comfortable, flexible and soft. It provides just enough protection for riding and even for walking around in the wild if needed. It isn’t going to hold up to a harsh crash with the same protection as Sidi’s motocross boots, but (as with trials) hours-long comfort and the ability to move freely on the machine and easily off of it are the goals here.

The boot is a little roomy, so that is a plus for riders with wider feet. There is no break-in time needed. At $295, there are less expensive boots, but none with this level of comfort and freedom of movement. Go to to check out their full line of motocross and off road boots!


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