The Six Hours of Glen Helen was held Sunday after being postponed for several weeks due to the big storms that have recently beset Southern California. The  race is like nothing else in the ATV world and has become somewhat of a cult classic over the years. It consists of a five-mile track that goes through the hills around Glen Helen Regional Park as well as using most of the motocross facility. It also uses parts of the Lucas Truck racing facility, making for lap times that are well over 10 minutes for most teams. You are allowed up to four riders and two machines, as long as one ATV is kept in impound while the other is on the course.
      This year, the fastest duo was the Datin team, Chase and Logan. Even though there is a Family class, they entered in the 450 Expert class. The two of them won by over two laps, which is over a 20 minute lead–very impressive. Even more impressive was Roy Bloodworth. He’s no youngster, but he soloed the race and finished second overall. In the entire history of the Glen Helen endurance races, both two-wheel and four-wheel versions, no Ironman has ever finished that high in the overall standings.
      The fastest single rider of the day had to be Justin Jones. Jones broke his leg late last year and the six-hour marked his first serious return to racing. He jumped out to a big overall lead from the second wave. He was teamed with his hometown friend Jon Rice, who was racing his first ATV event. Rice did a good job, but quickly lost the overall lead. The third rider on the team was Glen Helen regular and ATV racing veteran Doug Yarnell. The team finished third overall and first in the industry class. For more results, go to
Roy Bloodworth moved into second place overall on the last lap. He soloed the race.
With such a long track, the riders can go for laps without seeing another racer. Here, the Harris and Gonzales teams get unusually close.
Justin Jones carried his team to third overall. He was joined by Doug Yarnell and Jon Rice.

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