— At a good price from PC Racing —

Most UTVs and 4×4 quads have an hour meter, and they come in handy for sport quads too. If your machine didn’t come with one, you can add the Motominder from PC Racing for $39.95.

The Motominder engine hour meter automatically records and displays your engines accumulated run time, so oil changes, piston, rings, valves, spark plugs, etc can be serviced at the correct maintenance schedule.  The correct schedule saves costly engine damage from service neglect, but Motominder can also saves money from servicing too frequently.  Motominder is powered by your vehicles electrical system by simply cable tying its power line along the spark plug lead or direct connecting to the kill switch wire.  Since Motominder is the smallest engine hour meter available (approximately 1 by 1.5 inches) it doesnt require additional mounting brackets and can be easily mounted by the peel and stick method to the frame or other convenient area.

Motominder records the installation date, and displays this briefly whenever your engine is started. On startup it displays hours of runtime for 1 minute. It flashes the runtime every 10 seconds while your engine is running and also displays runtime at power down for 2 minutes, so you have plenty of time to get your helmet off before checking the display.  PC Racing is so confident that Motominder is the most reliable engine hour meter available that it is back by a 2 year replacement warranty.

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