SRS Performance portable, self-contained sub-zero Fuel Cooler

SRS Performance portable, self-contained sub-zero Fuel Cooler 

The patented cooling system, which is durable, economical and easy to use, contains its own fuel pump, 12v battery and charger, heat transfer system and inlet/outlet hoses.  
Using dry ice, the Super Cooler goes to work in seconds, cooling one gallon of fuel from 80 degrees F to -40 degrees F in 10 minutes. Quickly and easily cool your fuel to any desired temperature.  
The system has been dyno tested with proven results on motorcycles and quads, achieving average horse power gains of 10%.  
It’s a known fact that engines run better on a cool day. Using the Super Cooler will give your engine cool days, every day! 

The Super Cooler hit the pro motocross scene in a big way this past summer.  Used by the Factory Yamaha, JGR MX Toyota Yamaha and Canidae/Motosport Kawasaki pro teams during the 2009 Lucas Oil AMA Championship series, it had a significant impact on the results.  Josh Grant of JGR MX, Tommy Hahn of Canidae/Motosport and Matt Goerke of Factory Yamaha all scored first-time overall wins in the 450 class.  In all, riders using the Super Cooler racked up 27 top ten moto finishes, including four first-place, five second-place and two third-place finishes. 

About Us: 

The SRS Performance mission is to provide the racing industry with every possible winning edge, through the optimization of fuel pre-cooling and air charge cooling. We design and build the highest quality products using American made materials and provide the best customer service possible. 

Professional Experience   

The SRS Performance Team consists of a vast array of talent from various industries, including aviation engineering, automotive manufacturing, automotive maintenance, and motorcycle racing in FTR and GUCC sanctions. Drawing from our experience in aeronautical testing, we have developed a patented process that provides an efficient and extremely powerful cooling technique.  We have adapted this technology into the form of portable and on board cooling of air and fuel, precisely and rapidly to pre-determined temperatures as needed.                   


Product descriptions/pricing: 

Fuel Cooler PFC1550, 20.6L X 16.8 W X 8D, Wt. 21 lbs.  Includes 12V battery with fully automatic 1.5 Amp on-board charger, Cole Hersee PVC-coated push-pull switch, detachable high grade hydraulic hoses, extension cord and safety gloves.


Fuel Cooler PFC1550T, 20.6L X 16.8 W X 8D, Wt. 22 lbs. Same as PFC1550 plus inlet port fuel temperature gauge (-40F to 110F).



Fuel Cooler PFC1550XT, 20.6L X 16.8 W X 8D, Wt. 24 lbs. Same as PFC1550T plus upgraded Aeroquip Quick Disconnect couplings.


Contact Info: 

SRS Performance LLC

102 Meadow Woods Court

Easley, SC 29642  

Phone:  864-276-8711  


Tom Abascal: [email protected]

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