STI Quad/UTV X Series Rnd 1

The Quad/UTV X Series by STI started round one with the roar of powerful machines and great competition. The UTVs kicked off the first race of the series at Glen Helen on a fast paced and challenging track. Each class is required to race two motos and at the end of the second moto your points are combined for overall placement.

The Pro Quad race was dominated by David Haagsma on his Honda with a first place finish in both motos. Garrin Fuller came in second over all and Kory Ellis rounded out the podium in third.

The UTV Pro class had a great turn out and the competition was heavy. David Haagsma once again took the top spot followed by Nic Granlund in second and Tyler Winbury in third.
UTV moto x races are few and far between, and with the field growing, STI knew the importance of giving the racers a play ground to compete in. The Quad/UTV X Series presented by Yamaha is held at Glen Helen this year and the turn out is big. If your interested in joining the series go to or for more information.


Open Pro
1st David Haagsma
2nd Garrin Fuller
3rd Kory Ellis
450 Production Beginner
1st Brody Goff
2nd Kent Hall
3rd Susan Baxter
450 Production Novice
1st Britney Latimer
2nd Travis Work
3rd Donald Franc
450 Production Intermediate
1st Andy Chavez
2nd Nathan Vasquez
3rd Damien Golden
450 Production Expert
1st Tyler Henschel
2nd Kyle Fuller
3rd Diego Urrea
Open Production Intermediate
1st Brian Sirevaag
2nd Wayne Anderson
3rd Christian Maldonado
Open Production Expert
1st Kyle Fuller
2nd Tyler Henschel
Seniors All
1st Alan Zacha
2nd Bill Markel
3rd Hector Urias


1st David Haagsma
2nd Nic Granlund
3rd Tyler Winbury
1st Nick Templeton
2nd Van Templeton
1st Larry Heidler
2nd James Hill
3rd Josh Bagge

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