Doing what a quad can't


In most states, a 3-wheeler is considered a motorcycle and is regulated under those rules. Motorcycles are street legal if they come with the required equipment, so, therefore, 3-wheelers can fall under the street legal category too.

The easiest way to make a 3-wheeler street legal is, to begin with a street-legal dirt bike. These have been called Dual-Sports and lately, the bigger ones get the Adventure Bike title.

If you add brake lights, turn signals, mirrors, and such to your Honda ATC250R, you’re still relying on a DMV employee to give you his approval. You don’t even have to bother with that if your plate renewals come in the mail. It doesn’t matter to the government officials if your dirt bike gained another wheel in the back.


Here’s a Suzuki DR250S owned by Jim Aleman. As you can see he went through the process of converting the 2-wheeler into a 3-wheeler. This involved getting a set of wider triple clamps for the front forks to spread them apart enough for the wider front tire to clear. In back involved getting a bearing carrier kit to fit on the end of the DR250S swing arm. This allowed a 3-wheeler axle to fit through and attach the sprocket and rear disc brake.

In conclusion, Jim has a machine where he can ride from his house to the trails. On his way home he can also pull up to the McDonalds parking lot and chat with his pals and gals hanging out there.

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