Here’s a three-wheeler you can ride down Main street. Is it available at your nearest Honda dealer? Well, not quite. This one was built by Michael Noska who has a shop called 220 Trikes LLC in Penn, Pennsylvania.

His Honda ATC450X began as 2012 CRF450X dirt bike and then he proceeded to turn it into a three-wheeler with the goal of making it look like a production model from Honda. Most of the parts are all brand new, with the exception of the headlight housing, which came from a 1986 ATC350X.

Michael built this beauty for his customer/friend Jay Byrd in Texas. We’ve seen other three-wheeler conversions from 220 Trikes LLC, but this one is unique in that he also made it street-legal. Well, at least in Texas anyway. It has a license plate on the rear, but Michael didn’t say what other street items were added.

One thing you can see from this aluminum-framed machine is that it would sure look pretty cruising around town. It could cause people to go to their Honda dealer looking to buy one just like it. But, perhaps that’s the beauty of ATC450s. They’re rare and exotic, because you have to build them yourself, or have a specialist do it for you.

The BEFORE photo.

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