Fast and flexible tie-down anchor tracks By the staff of Dirt Wheels


This is what the three kits look like before installation. You can combine multiple kits into one almost seamless, longer track system.


Modern UTVs make a lot of off-roading very easy. You need a helmet, eye protection and gloves, but otherwise, you can wear street clothes. You are secured by seat belts and a roll cage. Most have fabulous, high-performance, automatic transmissions and phenomenal AWD. One thing about UTVs is hard, though—transporting them. Once you get a vehicle that can handle the size of the machine, you need a tie-down system that can handle a machine that weighs up to 2000 pounds!

Each of our staffers owns at least one trailer ranging from 12 to 40 feet. If you haul the same machine each and every time, it can be fairly easy to set up your hauler, but we haul a wide variety of machines at any given time.


This is our installation with the Supertrac bolted through the heavy steel rail of our flatbed trailer.



Superclamp has long been the source for innovative tie-down solutions for snowmobiles and UTVs. The billet-aluminum Supertrac is the latest addition to their lineup. Supertrac is available in 1-, 2- and 4-foot lengths. A slot along the length of the track and machined holes along the slot allow the Supertrac deck hook to quickly be located virtually anywhere along the length of the track system. The track is strong enough to secure heavy machines.

For the strongest mounting, the Supertrac should be bolted through a frame rail using the supplied stainless steel hardware. In some cases, getting to a frame rail is improbable. You can mount the Supertrac to the deck if you use a metal backing. Our 40-foot flatbed trailer has a 2-inch deck wood supported by a 2×2 steel center support that runs opposite of the way required. We would have needed bolts 8 inches long and a metal backing the entire length of the track to mount on the deck securely.


Instead, we drilled our quarter-inch holes through the top of the U-channel that makes up the trailer sides. Superclamp calls for a mounting screw every 4 inches for maximum strength. We started by mounting two 48-inch Supertrac kits at first to make sure they were going to handle the rigors of tying down a UTV. But, that meant we needed to drill 24 precisely located 1/4-inch holes to secure the track. That took time and wore out some drill bits, but the finished install feels super strong. We use Mac tie-downs with large safety hooks, and they didn’t mount to the Supertrac’s lockable deck hook. We solved that issue by adding threaded links into each deck hook. The Mac tie-down straps have a super-strong ratcheting system, and the Supertrac hasn’t even budged since tying down the machines. We have other sections of Supertrac on hand, and we plan on installing it all over our 40-foot trailer. It can also be used on the walls of enclosed trailers. There are smaller, lighter hooks to hold equipment to the Supertrac. Small plastic end pieces finish off the tracks for a pro look and to keep the deck hooks from sliding out. Everything about the Supertrac kit feels like it is absolutely top quality, and it works exceptionally well.


We love the precision look and fit of the Supertrac. Each section comes with a single deck hook, but you can purchase additional deck hooks for $20. There are other hook options as well. The 12-inch kits retail for $38.95, the 2-footer is $47.95 and the 4-foot kit is $69.95. Supertrac is available at Superclamp dealers or directly through their website:

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