There it was on the front cover of our December 2005 magazine. The all-new Suzuki LT-R450 Quadracer was eagerly anticipated by hard core ATV enthusiasts and they were all very excited when it finally arrived. What did the Dirt Wheels crew have to say about this new high-performance machine? Find out below in the original first report:

Suzuki’s LT-R450 was certainly a great machine and we were not pleased when they stopped production of it a few years after he came out. During that time a great many were sold, though, and you still see them out on the trails and race tracks. In our owner’s survey of the Suzuki LT-R450 it got very high marks in owner satisfaction. One of those owners is Todd Neilson in Wisconsin who still rides he Quadracer 450 on a regular basis.

Here is Todd’s machine, and as you can see, he has been steadily adding new upgrades and improvements over the years. The good thing about the LT-R450, and other 450 performance quads too, is they’re well built, rugged and can last quite a long time with regular maintenance. You simply changed the oil when you should, install a new piston and rings from time to time, check valve adjustment and bearing play and the life of a 450 can continue for many years.

The list of parts on Todd’s Suzuki is fairly normal for guys who spend time riding at a fast pace around tracks. The suspension, A-arms, axle, steering stem, handlebars and cooling system have been upgraded. Then, you see things like nerfbar/heelguards, wheels, bumper, seat and graphics that didn’t come stock either. It’s a machine that carves turns and flies over jumps even better than it did in stock configuration. Hopefully, it’ll continue to do so until Suzuki decides to offer a new Quadracer 450 for sale again.





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