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Two-stroke engines are perfect for off-road vehicles and ATV’s. They’re powerful, but yet simple and lightweight. No matter if they’re in two-wheelers, three-wheelers or four-wheelers, two-stroke engines allow the vehicles to be nimble and the riders to move quickly across earth’s natural terrain. It’s a shame that you can no longer buy a new quad […]

Quadzilla vs. LT-R450: Duncan Racing Suzukis

— 2-stroke vs. 4-stroke blast from the past — Dune season is right around the corner. We know you’re itching for cooler weather so you can migrate back into the desert. Now is the time to polish that chrome, freshen that engine and get out your flags. To go along with this theme, we thought […]


— 20 years worth of readers’ rides — When it comes to quad riders, which group is the most passionate, enthusiastic and hard core of all? Well, we’d have to say the owners of two-stroke quads. Honda TRX250R riders are certainly fanatics and the same can be said for Suzuki Quadzilla owners as well. However, […]


— Suzuki, Honda & Kawasaki 250s fight it out — Back in the June 1987 issue of Dirt Wheels we did a comparison of the three hottest 250 quads you could buy at that time. Below is a reprint of that original article for your viewing pleasure. MORE ARTICLES YOU’LL LIKE: . […]


— Taking a look at some interesting dirt wheelers — By the staff of Dirt Wheels As the world’s largest ATV/UTV magazine, we have many readers outside the USA. Take for example Stephen Fletcher, who lives in Ireland. He was proud to send us this photo of his three quads here. The one on the left […]

A Work of Art: Custom Banshee build

— Appreciating the beautiful beast — How many twin-cylinder, two-stroke quads has there ever been? The Banshee is the only one. Yamaha caught the world totally off-guard when they came out with this unique machine back in 1987. No other ATV manufacturer was willing to compete with Yamaha’s Banshee, so it remained in a class […]


— Checking out a great quad conversion — Gerald Tramble is a Dirt Wheels reader who lives in France. Just like many of us in the USA, he has a strong passion for ATV racing. ATV motocross is very popular in Europe too. As expected, Yamaha’s YFZ450 is a machine many Europeans choose to race. […]


— What each year model looked like — So, what year Banshee do you own? Perhaps you can get an idea by its colors and this chart shows them all. Which year model Banshee looked the best? Was it the classic red and white of the very first year in 1987? Or perhaps the bold […]


— Building the ultimate 2-stroke quad — Honda TRX250Rs don’t have fans. They attract devotees—riders and owners with a two-stroke obsession that infests every cell with a sneaky efficiency that would make a papa virus proud. Like many TRX250R obsessions, Eric Christiansen’s started out many years ago. When he bought this machine 20 years ago, […]


— As close to a new 2019 model as you can get — What has been considered the greatest high-performance quad of all time? Well, most of the experts agree that Honda’s TRX250R set the standard when it first came out in 1986. It handled very well, had good suspension and its 250cc 2-stroke engine […]


— YES, IT’S INCREDIBLY FAST — Here is one of Tyler Clark’s Banshees. This twin-cylinder, 2-stroke Yamaha is far from stock. In fact, there may not be one stock part on it. First of all, the chassis is made by Stellar Machine & Performance. The custom swing arm and A-arms are made out of titanium, […]