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Polaris 2-Stroke rebuild

Polaris 2-Stroke Rebuild One of the advantages that a two-stroke has over a four-stroke is that it generally produces more horsepower per cc. Because of their increased wear and tear, two-stroke quad en­gines require more reg­ular maintenance and replacement of the top-end components than their four-stroke counterparts. The good news is that because you are […]


SUZUKI QUADRACER 250 Honda’s TRX250R gets most of the attention, but it actually owes its existence to Suzuki. The Quadracer 250 came out in 1985 while Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki were focussed only on 3-wheelers. At that point Honda set its engineers on building a high-performance 2-stroke 4-wheeler to compete with the Suzuki. Granted, Honda […]