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-- There is nothing to fear -- By Allen Knowles  and staff of Dirt Wheels When performance quads were two-strokes without power valves, rebuilding an engine was relatively cheap, even with labor included. Modern two-strokes with power valves are definitely more expensive to work on, but those are not available for quads unless you are willing to build your own. With modern quads, it doesn’t matter whether you are working on a sport quad or a 4x4, you will be working on a four-stroke. Costs soar with the increased…


-- Testing the best-selling sport ATV of all time -- By the staff of Dirt Wheels Yamaha has so much love for sport ATVs that they keep the best-selling ATV in the category on dealer floors for you to buy today! It’s no secret, the struggle of the economic downfall in 2008 hindered the market and kick-started the decline of sport quads. Compounded with the rise in UTV technology, the sport ATV category had its heyday. Now we consider certain 4x4 machines sport models. Honestly, those 4x4s are very sporty in our…

Make your 4-stroke a 2-stroke!

Math lied to us all along, two is greater than four. Wiseco is introducing an all new conversion kit to get that sweet two stroke you've always wanted!