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Editors note: this editorial piece was written over 5-years ago. Its interesting to note that we need this exact kind of resurgence in the Sport ATV market that we saw in 1999. New machines that changed things       It’s interesting how the introduction of one particular vehicle can have a big effect. It […]

THUMPER TALK: The 25 best tips for your 4-stroke

Thumper Talk As the riding season winds down, it may be a good time to get your four-stroke ATV running up to its full po­tential. To help you out, we talked with some of the top four-stroke tun­ers in the country and asked them to lay out their best performance tips. From the Northwest, we […]


By Allen Knowles  and staff of Dirt Wheels FOUR-STROKE TEAR- DOWN TIPS When performance quads were two-strokes without power valves, rebuilding an engine was relatively cheap, even with labor included. Modern two-strokes with power valves are definitely more expensive to work on, but those are not available for quads unless you are willing to build your […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels 2019 YAMAHA RAPTOR 700R Yamaha has so much love for sport ATVs that they keep the best-selling ATV in the category on dealer floors for you to buy today! It’s no secret, the struggle of the economic downfall in 2008 hindered the market and kick-started the decline of sport […]

SHOOTOUT Two-stroke vs. four-stroke

1991 LT25OR VS. TODAY’S LT-R450 q At the end of 1989, Honda was assembling the last two-stroke TRX250R quad. Suzuki continued to produce their 250 QuadRacer until 1992. With Gary Denton and a few other riders at the controls, the Suzuki 250 made a presence in the GNC Motocross and in stadium racing. In 1987, […]