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April Fools


NEW EASY BAKE PISTONS! JE Pistons' new Easy Bake Piston Oven makes it easy for racers to forge their own pistons and home and have a never-ending supply! To get yours go to the JE Pistons Website today!


APRIL FOOLS BE THE FIRST TO KNOW By D. West -- SNORKEL TECHNOLOGY PUSHES TO NEW DEPTHS Floyd Bridges is the owner of Snorkels “R” Us, and here he is testing the company’s new Deep 5 system on a UTV. He says they’re working on the Deep 10 model that’ll allow UTVs to go even deeper. It’ll also come with a diving helmet for the driver that has a tall snorkel attached to it for breathing when he’s underwater. SUZUKI’S NEW UTV? Well, it’s not actually new. You may remember that…

Make your 4-stroke a 2-stroke!

Math lied to us all along, two is greater than four. Wiseco is introducing an all new conversion kit to get that sweet two stroke you've always wanted!