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Rath Racing quadruple cylinder 2-stroke built for pulling.

We know this doesn’t have anything to do with a UTV or ATV, but it does have four-wheels; right?! Plus, the “Just Maybe” tractor built by Daryl Rath (owner of Rath Racing) and his late father has a twin 800cc and a twin 700cc Polaris snowmobile two-stroke engines side by side making it a quadruple cylinder!


By the staff of Dirt Wheels CT POLARIS RZR 4 DYNAMIX Allen Knowles is the owner of CT Racing, and he has managed something extraordinary. No, we aren’t talking about this cool four-seat desert monster he built. He’s managed to find a wife who still likes to get out and hit trails in a rowdy […]

Radical Yamaha Blaster Build!

By the Staff of Dirt Wheels RADICAL YAMAHA BLASTER BUILD! Hunter Lovelace hails from Muskoka Canada and likes to build brilliant old school custom ATVs. He took one of his old prized machines, a 1988 Yamaha Blaster, and decided to rebuild it better than before for his younger brother. A lot of the parts that […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels,  Photos by Ken Hill YFZ450R WOODS MACHINE It takes a lot to become a pro-ATV racer. You need commitment to put your all into each race, every practice lap, and have the willingness to put your wellbeing on the line to place a foot on the podium. Countless hours […]


By Casey Kramer RAT-ROD RZR Most of the builds we feature in Dirt Wheels magazine are all about the bling and the speed. This diamond-in-the-rough XP 1000, on the other hand, was chosen because it caught our attention with its unique design and purpose. Being a mechanical engineer by trade, project owner Jonathan wanted something […]


A reader built this custom Yamaha Blaster with a liquid-cooled Yamaha YZ250 two-stroke dirt bike engine in the frame!


— MODIFIED 2006 SUZUKI LTR450 — Keenan Damery didn’t want his Suzuki 450 to look like all the others, so he set out to change it up with a unique visual idea in mind. Along with the special forces military theme he also made sure his Zook had the performance hardware to match the serious […]


— THE LIFE OF A HONDA TRX250R — For this “Reader’s Ride” we go to North Carolina and check out Benjamin Hewett’s 1986 Honda TRX250R. He has owned this legendary two-stroke machine for 10 years and it has been given many updates during that time. Here is a list of the parts it has now: […]


— WILD 2-STROKES & MULTI-CYLINDER 4-STROKES — One place where you’re sure to see modified quads is at the sand dunes. Some are set up for getting to the top of a dune as quickly as possible and others are set up to improve the overall fun of carving sand dunes. Lone Star Racing is […]

BA Motorsports TRX250R Build

Old school gets a makeover! The TRX250R is a widely popular quad among two stroke lovers because of its light frame, good handling and the liquid cooled engine paired with a six-speed close ratio transmission. So, when we caught wind of a one of a kind ’87 TRX made to dominate flat track races, we […]