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12 VALVE BANSHEE SLED PULLER Jerod Hall takes the Cummins powered, 2wd Banshee for a full pull. To subscribe to Dirt Wheels Magazine in print or digital form click here


The ROXOR evolves with the introduction of new styling, new gearing, and a flood of new accessories in 2020;

First Test: All New ROXOR

Our first test with Mahindra's ROXOR gave us an impression of the machines capabilities and helped us define just what this machine is all about. This mission ready vehicle is for the offroad purist and redefines the UTV world.

ROXOR: It’s Not What You Think

They may have built Jeeps in India for 70 years, but now Mahindra is going strictly off road. The Roxor resembles a jeep but it was designed as a heavy duty UTV.

CAT Tractors Releases New UTV!

CATERPILLAR. BUILT FOR IT. The CAT brand is known for being tough and dependable. The fleet of hardworking machines produced by Caterpillar has just gained a new asset, a utility UTV that has all the CAT DNA you might expect. With a price point of 14,999 for the CUV82 gas model and 16,299 for the CUV102D diesel,  you'll definitely get more than your money's worth. Start Your Engines The gas model is equipped with a super quiet 3cylinder Chery motor that puts out 50hp. Although the machine will reach speeds of 45 mph…

Line-X Teams Up with Polaris for SEMA Build

Polaris Concept DAGOR®: Coated with LINE-X ULTRA, the DAGOR® Ultra-Light Tactical Vehicle is coming to SEMA highly customized as a first-ever concept build for recreational use.  The LINE-X DAGOR® features several machined body parts to include all new doors, roof, custom fabricated tailgate and other parts and accessories. Usually only in the possession of the United States Department of Defense and international allied nations, this concept build is the only one of its kind on display at SEMA – making for a first,…