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Great times in the sand dunes By the staff of Dirt Wheels It was a good thing we had reservations, especially when we saw how many people had arrived before us. Having traveled from our home in Washington state to Winchester, Oregon, and its scenic Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, the last thing we wanted to do […]


The collector goes full circle By the staff of Dirt Wheels Photos by Back in the early 1980s, Honda and Kawasaki were in a fierce battle in the three-wheel racing world. The top American riders were making these machines look good and creating sales for the huge Japanese companies. Meanwhile in Minnesota, a guy named Peter […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels  WORLD RECORD DRAG QUAD Al­though there’s no official NHRA or IHRA class for all-terrain vehicles, the impressive numbers his latest dragster has produced are certainly the best we have ever seen. A little over a year ago we featured Tom’s 210-horse­power, nitrous-injected, 580cc Ro­tax drag quad that consistently turned low […]

WIDE OPEN: Nicknames

  By Joe Kosch It would be great to earn a cool nickname because of amazing driving skill or style, incredible demonstrations of bravery on the trail, or awesome racing accomplishments, but those are hard to come by. More often, less flattering nicknames are handed out to decent drivers who made a single mistake in […]


Harlan Foley   Beau Baron returned to the top step of the Pro ATV podium during the Rocky Mountain ATV MC WORCS Series presented by Polaris RZR and Dirt Wheels’ second visit of the season to Crazy Horse Campground. Fourteen-year-old Braxton Grosse kept his winning streak alive by finishing first in Pro-Am. The race was […]


So much more than just sand in one be-UTAH-ful place By the staff of Dirt Wheels UTV Takeover is well-known for their family-friendly events in some of the best riding spots in the United States. This year a new pushpin was added to the UTV Takeover map at Sand Hollow State Park in southern Utah.  Known […]

RETRO TEST: MOJAVE 250: Thrilling Fun-mobile

Many new sport and high-performance quad models got their start in the bonanza year of ’87. Since then, on­ly a few more “just-for-fun” four-wheelers have come our way. Some, though, like the Yamaha Banshee 350 and Kawasaki Mojave 250, are still go­ing strong well past their ten-year anniversary. As far as Kawasaki goes, the […]


SNO-TRAX CONVERSION *Here is a story from our 1998 files about a company that made conversion kits for snow use. These  SNO-TRAX CONVERSION kits were the bomb. For several years now, the staff of Dirt Wheels has traveled to the snow-cov­ered peaks of Southern Cal­ifornia to try out the latest Sno-Traxx units from Snow Conversion […]


From our March 1998 issue of Dirt Wheels. MORE INFO:  PROJECT HONDA FOURTRAX TRX 600: BUILDING ULTIMATE OFF-ROADER “Honda should have made this years ago,” said reigning Grand Na­tion­al Champ Shane Hitt after his first ride aboard Dirt Wheels’ Project TRX600 sport quad.  had just put the machine through a grueling test ride at […]

Duncan Racing Warrior vs. Duncan Racing Honda 300EX

**Editors Note- Test from our DEC 97 issue. Pair of Duncan Doughnuts. When it comes to reliable performance, Dun­can Racing is extremely confident of the products that it sells. So confident, in fact, that it offers a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee with all of its performance products. If you are not happy with the performance, […]