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Take our 2021 readers survey for a chance to fin free tires and wheels.   WHERE IS THE ALL-NEW HONDA TRX450R?! We can’t hide the truth. Our beloved sport ATV market has been taken over by roll cage-equipped machines. Do we want to stick our noses up at the UTV market? Of course not! Those […]


The Dirt Wheels crew will ride a box-stock quad for awhile, but then we start thinking about ways to improve its performance. Building project quads is a way of life for us. Here is a list of some that made it into the Dirt Wheels Project Quad Hall of Fame. Click on the links above […]


Over the years we have tested many fully built machines that we have given rave reviews over and some we haven’t liked much at all. Since the new sport ATV world is stagnant at the moment, we have been building plenty of older machines that prove that they are still very worthy of competing. Our […]

HOW-TO: TOP SPEED TEST! Changing gearing and tire sizes

Yamaha’s YFZ450R has already won a couple of our shootouts. It handles great, gets around a track quickly and is fun to ride. However, when you get the machine away from the track, it is limited by its top speed. The YFZ450R and YFZ450X have nearly the slowest top speeds in their respective classes. We […]

BUYER’S GUIDE: 2016 Sport ATVs

Another year has passed, which means new and exciting ATV models have hit the market. Nowadays, these machines are coming with more features at better price points. Power steering is becoming a standard feature on a lot of new machines, which is a nice thing to have. The 4×4 market is gaining new models every […]

SHOOTOUT: Walsh Hybrid Suzuki LT500 vs. Honda CRF450R

What happens when you take a modern race chassis and stuff the most powerful ATV engine ever produced inside? A Suzuki dream machine is born. You see, the chassis kits Walsh Race Craft build are based on the legendary Suzuki LT-R450 Quadracer roller and is the top choice of any open-class racer today. Walsh components […]

PROJECT ATV: Supermoto Suzuki LT-R450

ATV’s where obviously designed to be off-road machines that can tackle all types of terrain. If you have ever ridden your quad on the asphalt or concrete then you know how horribly an ATV handles on the hard stuff. However, that doesn’t stop riders from turning their machines into road worthy warriors like this radical […]

PROJECT ATVs: Bargain Built Suzuki LT-R 450’s

One good thing that has come out of the recent economic recession is smoking hot deals on used quads everywhere. Desperate people are liquidating some of their disposable assets, and savvy shoppers can take advantage of the bargains. Here on the West Coast, sport quads seem to be the most available. We see deals on […]

PROJECT ATV: Suzuki LT-R450 Restore – Duncan Racing

Back in 2005 and 2006 when the sport quad industry was booming, every manufacturer was in a race to come up with the best performance 450 around. First was Yamaha, and then came Honda with their trailready 450s. Suzuki shocked the industry by coming out with the first production sport ATV with a 50-inch-wide stance […]

ATV TEST: 2015 Yamaha YFZ450R Special Edition

Yamaha’s YFZ450R is one impressive sport ATV right out of the box. The engine is powerful, the suspension outperforms all other stock sport quad suspensions, and the overall performance of the machine is very satisfying. Without question, Yamaha continues to upgrade this quad each year, and the 2015 YFZ450R Special Edition was not left out […]

HOP-UP TIPS: Pull more power out of your machine! Dyno testing

The aftermarket parts industry for ATVs and UTVs is continuing to grow, yet choosing the right performance products for your machine is not always a simple task. We decided to take a popular ATV in the sport quad category to the guys at Empire Industries for performance dyno testing. We started with Yamaha’s race-ready, fuel-injected […]


When Suzuki introduced the track-ready, 49-inch wide LT-R450, they turned a lot of heads. Now amateur MX racers had a machine they could take off the dealer showroom floor, add a few safety features, and race it that weekend. They would save thousands in aftermarket A-arms, shocks and tires. Furthermore, Suzuki had a product that […]