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Dan Mayer’s second time around By the staff of Dirt Wheels, Photos by Pat Carrigan It is an old story: parents, trying to do what they think is best for their kids, forbid the purchase of an ATV. Often, as is the case with Dan Mayer, quads become the forbidden fruit and a life-long obsession is born. This Duncan Racing 2018 Lobo-chassis build is the latest milestone in Mayer’s dedication to magnificent quads. It turns out that Mayer was a die-hard Dirt Wheels reader as a youth, and he was drawn to the radical…


By the staff of Dirt Wheels DUNCAN RACING HONDA 250R. After only four years in production (1986–1989), the Honda Fourtrax 250R became the most popular sport ATV of its time, and they sold tens of thousands of them easily. In the 1990s and early 2000s, many were transformed into masterpieces like what you see here. It was a time without current production machines to build and compete with, but that didn’t stop hungry racers from using the best, and at that time, it was hands down the best 250R two-stroke. Today,…

CST Athlete Spotlight: Cory Sappington

Cory Sappington has been riding since 1978. Since then, he has competed in over 200 off-road races. In 2005, Cory combined his Arizona origins and love of off-road racing to create the sport of UTV desert racing. This past weekend, Cory took on the legendary Vegas to Reno race in his freshly built Can-Am Maverick with the help of CST Lobo tires.

PROJECT ATV: Duncan’s Honda 450R Racer

Score International’s Baja 500 takes place every June across the deserts and over the mountains near Ensenada, Mexico. It’s the hardest desert race to win. While the Baja 1000 may seem tough, it’s not. Ride the 1000 at a moderate pace, have no mistakes or breakdowns, and the race is yours. To win the 500, not only does your 10–11-hour run have to be flawless, your machine has to be reliable and fast. Because at this event, the competition runs wide open and rarely slows down to save equipment. Every nut and bolt has to…