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POLARIS OFF ROAD AND DIESEL BROTHERS SUPPORT AMERICA’S FIRST RESPONDERS THROUGH UNITED WE RIDE CUSTOM-VEHICLE PROGRAM Customized Polaris Machines Used to Raise Funds for Police, Fire and Military Charities; Voting Process Provides Consumers the Chance to Win the Polaris Machine of Their Choice

PROJECT UTV: Military Maverick

There’s an old adage that says, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Well, in times of war, the military, its suppliers and troops do a fantastic job of coming up with equipment to get things done. One such company, RP Advanced Mobile Systems, has been getting the job done for over a decade, and they are using Can-Am Maverick UTVs to do it. Their complete Light Tactical Vehicles are built combat strong, yet are versatile enough for other government and municipality uses, such as search and rescue. Civilians as well can…