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Two-stroke engines are perfect for off-road vehicles and ATV’s. They’re powerful, but yet simple and lightweight. No matter if they’re in two-wheelers, three-wheelers or four-wheelers, two-stroke engines allow the vehicles to be nimble and the riders to move quickly across earth’s natural terrain. It’s a shame that you can no longer buy a new quad […]


— SUZUKI’S 500cc MONSTER 2-STROKE QUAD — Suzuki gets credit for coming out with the first quads as we know them today. First they introduced some little 4-stroke versions and then in 1985 they unleashed a high-performance 2-stroke machine known as the Quadracer 250. Suzuki gave us a couple of years to get used to […]

SHOOTOUT: Honda 250R vs Suzuki Quadzilla 500

If you go to an ATV dealership or even check out the manufacturers’ websites these days, it looks like high-performance sport quads are sort of fading away. While sales of brand-new quads may be rebounding at only half the speed of the economy, people are still riding them in large numbers. Look at your local […]