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The Mint 400 is a race that has history, fame, and notoriety. Its first run was 1967, and then it disappeared in 1988 for 20 years, and then was resurrected in 2008. In 2012 the Mint 400 opened up a class for UTVs. The Polaris-supported Lonestar RZR XP1000 Turbo car of Brandon Sims and Justin […]

SHOOTOUT: Can-Am Turbo Maverick 1000 vs. Polaris Desert Edition RZR XP 1000

There’s a war going on between two companies located high up in North America—Can-Am and longtime rival Polaris. Both have great products—from their entry-level ATVs all the way up to the flagship high-performance UTVs. Although this isn’t the largest segment of business for these two companies, with a small customer base primarily in the southwestern […]


Racing UTVs is getting exciting. It’s growing in popularity like ATV racing was in the late 80s, early 1990s and between 2005–2009. Most regional series have classes for UTVs. In some of the larger series like WORCS, Best in the Desert and SCORE, the UTV turnouts are bigger than the quad, truck and bike classes. […]

PROJECT UTV: Trinity Racing RZR 570

To our surprise, when Polaris introduced the RZR 570 in 2011, it was actually more fun than the original RZR 800. Chassis and body refinements, along with an all-new DOHC, fourvalve, single-cylinder engine and better clutching, made it a blast to drive. Furthermore, the machine was priced incredibly low at $9999. Since that time, the […]

PRODUCT TEST: Modquad Doors

According to our reader surveys, UTV owners install doors more than any other aftermarket part, including tires. It’s the first component most owners install after the initial purchase. There are a handful of wellknown companies making a fortune outfitting all the UTVs that come stock without them. We have used many brands over the years, […]

PRODUCT TEST: S&B Particle Separator

No one likes to constantly replace or clean a reusable air filter after every other big ride. Especially when it comes to riding in the sand or desert, changing filters is a constant need. S&B Filters designed a new air-filtration system called a Particle Separator, with technology derived from military helicopters. To put it simply, […]

2016 Polaris Lineup!

Polaris is the biggest ATV and UTV manufacturer in the business, and they carry one of the largest off-road vehicle lineups with 62 machines offered. They lead the sport UTV market with their RZR line and have machine and package choices for virtually anyone’s off-road taste. They didn’t pull any stops this year with the […]

PROJECT UTV: Lonestar Racing RZR

In the world of NASCAR, you have race-car builders like Childress and Hendricks that offer great packages to get you going. In the big-money off-road world you have names like Jimco, Geiser Brothers and Racer Engineering that will build you a ready-to-race car or truck. If you want to make your start as a driver […]


As you wait at the starting line, planning out the best line to take into the first turn, the nervous rise and fall of engine rpm can be heard around you. Sitting on either side is a group of Polaris RZR XP 1000 UTVs with fellow competitors in their pilot seats. Camera crews are aiming […]


Check out the high flying action of TerraCross during Camp RZR this year at Glamis on Halloween weekend. This is the first time in recent history that there has been anything other than sand drag racing in the dunes not counting the RZR170 races that take place at CampRZR every year. For the latest info […]