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By the staff of Dirt Wheels Most of our favorite sport quads have slid sideways off of major manufacturer production lines. This means the mass quantity of used ones is getting older and more beat up. The only way to keep our cherished steads in good shape is proper maintenance and protection products. Thus the Richochet Off-Road TRX450R skid plate was created. So we went to Ricochet Off-Road to pick up a $131.20 full-frame skid plate and a heavy-duty swingarm skid plate for $157.45 for a Honda TRX450R. Most parts…


Picking the right protection for your machine can be a difficult task. We install aftermarket skid plates on most machines that we receive to ensure the frame and suspension components don't get heavily damaged by rocks, roots, and other trail debris.

PRODUCT TEST: Vanilla Gorilla Skid Plate

Protecting the underbelly of your ATV frame is one of the best investments you can do. Another added bonus to having a full-belly skid is that it helps you slide over rocks and other obstacles that you may traverse over without any damage to your machine. When choosing a full-belly skid you have many options, from aluminum to poly skids. We tested a skid plate from Vanilla Gorilla for the steel-framed YFZ450 and wanted to share our findings. Vanilla Gorilla also has rear sprocket guards, case savers, mud plugs and other…