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Dan Mayer’s second time around By the staff of Dirt Wheels, Photos by Pat Carrigan It is an old story: parents, trying to do what they think is best for their kids, forbid the purchase of an ATV. Often, as is the case with Dan Mayer, quads become the forbidden fruit and a life-long obsession is […]

2020 HONDA TRX250X

By the staff of Dirt Wheels 2020 HONDA TRX250X This may not be the infamous and cultist TRX250R two-stroke ripper, but the humble Honda TRX250X has outlasted and sold in greater numbers than the old two-smoker. One is a pure-bred racing-style ATV, while the other is the perfect transitional ATV, or even the final landing, […]


2021 YAMAHA YFZ450R /YFZ450R SE The YFZ450R is the most technologically advanced sport ATV on the market today, with a quick-revving, 449cc fuel-injected engine and titanium five-valve cylinder head delivering abundant power throughout the mid- to top-end, after the YFZ’s signature massive torque-feeling right off idle. Built with pride at Yamaha’s U.S. factory in Newnan, […]


From our March 1998 issue of Dirt Wheels. MORE INFO:  PROJECT HONDA FOURTRAX TRX 600: BUILDING ULTIMATE OFF-ROADER “Honda should have made this years ago,” said reigning Grand Na­tion­al Champ Shane Hitt after his first ride aboard Dirt Wheels’ Project TRX600 sport quad.  had just put the machine through a grueling test ride at […]

Coolest Race Track Ever: MX & Golf combined!

Jan 98 By Adam Campbell Coolest MX Track Ever When I first pulled into the Midstate Motocross Park, in Litchfield, Kentucky, I knew I was in for a treat. We had heard ahead of time, that this was one of the most scenic motocross tracks in the entire country. However, I never would have guessed […]

THUMPER TALK: The 25 best tips for your 4-stroke

Thumper Talk As the riding season winds down, it may be a good time to get your four-stroke ATV running up to its full po­tential. To help you out, we talked with some of the top four-stroke tun­ers in the country and asked them to lay out their best performance tips. From the Northwest, we […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels KAYO USA 200 JACKAL When we picked up the sporty Kayo  USA 200 Jackal, our only experience with quads from this Chinese company was a brief exposure to the Kayo 150 Storm. The Storm uses a lay-down engine like the Honda TRX90 but with more power. The Jackal is […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels QUADS OF THE WORCS RACES. World Off-Road Championship Series (WORCS) is one of the major quad competitions on the West Coast. It requires an interesting combination of motocross start, jumps, and turn skills, but the courses are much longer and the races last for an hour. We went to […]

Radical Yamaha Blaster Build!

By the Staff of Dirt Wheels RADICAL YAMAHA BLASTER BUILD! Hunter Lovelace hails from Muskoka Canada and likes to build brilliant old school custom ATVs. He took one of his old prized machines, a 1988 Yamaha Blaster, and decided to rebuild it better than before for his younger brother. A lot of the parts that […]