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Riding red in the woods By the staff of Dirt Wheels Over the years in ATV racing we’ve noticed that most of the privateers in the pro ranks end up on the trusty Honda TRX450R. Not much has changed with this Honda four-stroke from its release date in 2004, but one thing is for certain—this quad […]

PROJECT UTV: Lonestar Racing RZR

In the world of NASCAR, you have race-car builders like Childress and Hendricks that offer great packages to get you going. In the big-money off-road world you have names like Jimco, Geiser Brothers and Racer Engineering that will build you a ready-to-race car or truck. If you want to make your start as a driver […]

Avoid Flat Tires – Prevention products

Testing tires and dealing with flat ones is a big part of the duties at the magazine. Whether it’s racing highly modified machines or trail riding stockers, we are always prepared for the inevitable. For you, the same preparation can assure that your precious free time or expensive race entry won’t be wasted on a […]