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As we eagerly wait to drive the all new KRX1000, Kawasaki showed us what the future looks like for this new machine. They revealed a fully built KRX with molded doors and HCR long travel suspension. The new build also comes with 35″ tires, PRP seats, and an aftermarket cage. The KRX has some cool […]


— Testing Yamaha’s  180 horsepower kit — By the staff of Dirt Wheels, Photos by Adam Campbell The exhilaration of speed is an addiction off-road addicts just can’t seem to shake. Yamaha is one manufacturer that fuels our passion for going fast with their pure-sport lineup of machines. They also have a dedicated team of engineers […]

BoonDocker Dominator Turbo

What Can Dominator Do For You? For the RZR-XPT enthusiast that demands the highest performance, the Dominator is a direct replacement turbocharger and ECU tuning package centered around affordability and runability.  Don’t let this easy-to-own turbo fool you: the Dominator unlocks up to 193 HP on pump gas or 210+ HP on Av-gas (100LL).  This new bolt-on turbo […]