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By the staff of Dirt Wheels TUSK 20-FOOT UTV TOW STRAP If we are driving a UTV any farther than we can easily walk back, we make sure we’re prepared for the trip. Ideally, that means traveling with at least one other reliable machine in good condition. At the very least we carry the tools […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels TUSK CHAIN TOOLS If you ride a performance sport quad with any regularity, you will get into chain maintenance. And if you are running in the woods with any mud, that moment of inevitable chain work will come even sooner. We are fortunate that modern O-ring chains help with […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels DIRT WHEELS RZR TURBO S Building a project machine is always rewarding, but we like it best when we get to start with a great machine. Collin Duffy is our project specialist, and he set his sights on Polaris’ RZR XP Turbo S Velocity for an epic adventure build. […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels TUSK UTV CARGO BOX Excitement comes in many forms in our industry, whether we are rubbing tires on the track, dodging trees on the trail or finding the best cargo containment systems around. That’s right, we get excited over storage solutions! We only feel comfortable on long UTV adventures when […]


ULTIMATE POLARIS RZR PLAY TOY Built by Dirt Wheels Every extensive UTV build is an undertaking of multiple magnitudes. We often cover projects that others have put together in their own garages, shops and front yards, so we don’t experience the build process. Every once in a while we take on the task of generating […]

ATV & UTV Winch Buyer’s Guide!

— When exploring the back country, you may encounter gnarly obstacles or deep mud to traverse through. Getting through these obstacles can be a not-so-simple task at times and render you stuck. Having a winch installed can help you and your buddies out of these situations. Winches have many uses when out on the trail […]

Honda ATC 350X Rebuild

When it was a new high-performance thumper nearly 30 years ago, the 1985–1986 Honda ATC350X was the biggest performance four-stroke three-wheeler around. It, like nearly all three-wheelers of the time, was more of a serious sport machine for the trail than a racer. At Dirt Wheels, we have seen a resurgence of riders restoring these […]

PROJECT ATV: Fast Yamaha Raptor 700

We believe the R&D department at Yamaha sent a team of scientists back in time to capture one of the most ferocious dinosaurs around, the Raptor. It was fast, powerful and aggressive, just like the Raptor 700R, so it would make sense that they somehow mechanically enhanced the dinosaur with four wheels and produced it […]