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By the staff of Dirt Wheels Photos by Pat Carrigan DUNCAN RACING BANSHEE Yamaha’s Banshee was a sales hit for close to two decades. Right from the first, the twin-cylinder two-stroke had massive aftermarket support. Its engine was heavily based on a popular street bike, so there was already a ton of development in making […]

2019 HONDA 250R

2019 HONDA 250R Dirt Wheels reader Frank Raneiro is in the process of building an awesome 250R. We’re going to let him tell you how he’s doing it and what all is involved. Check it out… > Hey there Dirt Wheels. Just wanted to share with you The MX build I’m doing. It’s a completely […]


TWO-STROKE YFZ300 Gerald Tramble is a Dirt Wheels reader who lives in France. Just like many of us in the USA, he has a strong passion for ATV racing. ATV motocross is very popular in Europe too. As expected, Yamaha’s YFZ450 is a machine many Europeans choose to race. For Gerald though, he wanted his […]


By the staff of Dirt Wheels Action photos by Ashley Calvo 2019 ATC363R TWO-STROKE Bill Casey is a man that simply couldn’t settle for riding four-wheeled machines. He started out on motorcycles in 1976, but traded with his friend who owned a Honda ATC, and the rest was history for him. Three wheels has always been […]

1985 HONDA ATC250R

1985 HONDA ATC250R Here is the classic Honda two-stroke three-wheeler that the fast guys used to ride back in the day. This one belongs to Mike Peterson and we’ll let him describe it in his own words… Hi Dirt Wheels, I’ve always enjoyed reading your magazine! I’ve been riding on the Oregon coast for over […]


A RARE CLASSIC MACHINE Who remembers the Husqvarna 500 three-wheeler? There were actually a few of these running around in Southern California back in the early ’80s. The big 500cc two-stroke motors made these vehicles a ton of fun to ride, but only for the most skilled three-wheeler riders. Mike Dunn is a Dirt Wheels […]