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Yamaha Tri-Z 250


YAMAHA TRI-Z 250 FIRST TEST Here is the first test of Yamaha’s all-new Tri-Z 250 as it appeared back in the August 1984 issue of Dirt Wheels magazine.  Honda riders were nervous that this all-new machine from Yamaha would dethrone their ATC250R. This was Yamaha’s ad for the Tri-Z 250 that appeared in Dirt Wheels. […]

MODERN TRI-Z 250 & TRI-Z 450

MODERN TRI-Z 250 & TRI-Z 450 Back in the 1980s, Yamaha had a 250cc, 2-stroke 3-wheeler known as the Tri-Z 250. Today, BVC Trikes provides you with a way to build a modern Tri-Z 250. Their kits pictured here are for 2005 or newer YZ250 dirt bikes. BVC Trikes also has kits to turn YZ450Fs […]

1985 YAMAHA TRI-Z 250

1985 YAMAHA TRI-Z 250 Adam Cook is a Dirt Wheels reader in Ohio. He has owned many quads and a few dirt bikes over the years, but one of his favorite machines in this 1985 Yamaha Tri-Z 250. There’s just something about riding a 250cc two-stroke that feels good, no matter how many wheels it […]