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By the staff of Dirt Wheels RACE-READY YFZ450R. What it takes to be a champion: skill, talent, strength, commitment, motivation, courage, endurance, and much more. That’s the stuff WORCS 2018 ATV Pro Championship winner Mile Sloan is made of. However, some of the most crucial aspects of a pro racer’s program are a machine that […]

Yamaha Announces 2019 ATV Lineup

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, is expanding its family of utility and sport ATVs. For 2019, the Grizzly family welcomes an all-new Special Edition (SE) Grizzly featuring exclusive 27-inch Maxxis ‘Zilla tires and Yamaha’s award-winning engine tuned for dynamic recreational riding on the most demanding trails. Yamaha’s more utility-based ATVs include the Kodiak 700 and Kodiak […]


— It says YFZ250R right there on the gas tank and the engine certainly looks like a two-stroke. Is this a secret new prototype that Yamaha is testing and will start selling soon? That might be a logical assumption until you start looking closer at the engine. Hmmm, it says TRX on the clutch cover […]