TEAM Industries Brings the Next Generation of Four-Wheel-Drive Systems to the ATV & Utility Vehicle Industries


BAGLEY, MN ? Finally!  Someone has come out with an electronic traction control system for use in ATVs and utility vehicles.  Today, TEAM Industries unveiled its new SmartLockerTM Electronic Traction Control.  By utilizing the built-in intelligence of an electronic microprocessor, TEAM’s SmartLockerTM outsmarts all other systems currently on the market.


The SmartLockerTM system consists of an electronic differential and optional electronic disconnect.  Unlike mechanical and hydraulic applications, the SmartLocker’sTM electronic activation reacts immediately and smoothly, avoiding inconvenient, and sometimes dangerous, engagement lags and accompanying handlebar jerks.  In addition, by utilizing a true differential, the SmartLockerTM eliminates the clunks, ramp-ups and surges that plague the competition, while adding the benefit of full engine braking.  In other words, while old systems just spin their wheels, TEAM Industries’ SmartLockerTM delivers superior, seamless electronic traction control.


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TEAM Industries, a leading engineering and custom manufacturing company, has been Driving Innovation with advanced drive-train solutions and other technologically-advanced products since 1967.  TEAM also develops and markets performance-enhancing products for the recreational motor sports industry through its Motorsports division. 

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