There are two distinct camps when it comes to operating an ATV’s throttle. The traditional thumb throttle jockeys are happier using the regulation thumb throttles that come on all standard issue ATVs. But there is also a camp that prefers the action and control of a motorcycle-type twist throttle.
Instead of having to use only their thumb, twist throttle jockeys have the use of their entire hand to twist the throttle on and off. Let’s suppose, instead of having to pick one or the other, that you could use either option, whenever it suited you?


The Dual Gasser throttle is a combination thumb and twist throttle that bolts on and offers the best of both worlds. Manufactured by Terry Cable, the Dual Gasser is a billet throttle assembly that combines a conventional twist assembly with a thumb lever and lets the operator use one or the other, depending on the circumstance or preference.
We ordered up a Dual Gasser for our Honda 300EX and proceeded to bolt it on and try it out. Terry Cable sells the Dual Gasser without grips so you will also need to purchase a set to go with it. We chose a pair of Jones grips for our TRX.

Another thing about the Dual Gasser is that it is not for every quad. Any ATV that incorporates a kill switch, TPS, or a larger or smaller than 10mm cable end will not work with the Dual Gasser.
Also, any quads that use the FCR Keihin carbs, such as ‘06-‘07 Honda TRX 450R, and all model year YFZ450s, will not be able to use the Dual Gasser because of a built-in kill switch located on their throttle assemblies.
Most Suzuki ATVs (including the Z400 models) will also need a replacement throttle cable that can accommodate the 10mm cable adjuster the Dual Gasser uses.

Any stock throttle on a quad that uses a 10mm cable adjuster and does not incorporate a built-in kill switch or other function switch on the handlebars. We found it to fit and work on Yamaha’s Raptor, Banshee, Blaster, Warrior, and other models. It also will fit onto the ‘04 and ‘05 model TRX450s without the new FCR Keihin carbs.
Honda’s sport 300EX and 400EX were also good candidates for the Dual Gasser. You could also get it to fit on various 4×4 models as long as the throttle switch functions on the stock thumb throttle could be independently rerouted to separate switches on the bars.


We were able to get ours fitted on our 2006 model Honda 300EX relatively easily. We pulled the stock thumb throttle off and the cable fit inside our 10mm cable adjuster, which operates both the twist and thumb throttle on the Dual Gasser.
A word of caution here; you will want to make sure the cable is fully opening and closing before starting up your machine. Check the stock throttle cable to make sure the carb slide is operating correctly and that it does not interfere or hang up when turning the handlebars to the full lock position.

After assembling our Dual Gasser, we headed out to our favorite ride areas and put the Gasser to the test. Sure enough, the ability to use either or both the thumb and twist throttle together was something we soon grew accustomed to.
One of the advantages of a thumb throttle is the control it offers whenever you are making a hard left turn with the handlebar all the way out to the stops. With a twist throttle in this situation, you would find yourself with your arm fully stretched out. Hit a bump, and the throttle has a tendency to stay on.
With a thumb throttle, your thumb is located in closer and you have more control. Conversely, there are times when your thumb tends to get tired with the on and off motion so keeping the throttle pinned, thus the advantage of having your entire hand to twist the throttle on and off.
What we found with the Dual Gasser throttle is that you do have the best of both units combined in one throttle. When the thumb is easiest to use for control, it’s right there, and when the twist is the best, less tiring option, it is also right there.
If your current model ATV can be  fitted with one of these Dual Gasser thumb/twist throttles, we think it is a viable option for riders looking for the best of both worlds. Suggested retail price is $149.95 for the assembly alone.  For more information, contact Terry Cable at (800) 854-4691 or log on to www.terrycable.com.

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