Can you answer these questions correctly?

1: This 3-cylinder, 2-stroke quad has been set up for…

A: Towing a manure spreader on a farm.

B: Tight, rock-crawling trails in the mountains.

C: Delivering pizzas in downtown New York city.

D: Drag racing on a sand or dirt drag strip.

2: This 4×4 quad has been set up for…

A: Maintaining the greens on a golf course.

B: Delivery pizzas in downtown Los Angeles.

C: Road racing at Daytona.

D: Mud bog competition.

3: This is the all-new 2018…

A: Street-legal quad from Ferrari.

B: Street-legal quad from Honda.

C: Street-legal quad from Yamaha

D: None of the above.

4: This Kawasaki KFX450 has been set up for…

A: Cross-country racing in West Virginia.

B: Mud bog racing in Louisiana.

C: Deep snow racing in Canada.

D: Cruising around town in style.

5: This quad is racing in the..

A: High-Lifter Mud Nationals.

B: Oregon Sand Dune Festival.

C: GNC MX Championship.

D: Race to the top of Pikes Peak.

6: This vehicle is…

A: Kawasaki’s new 2018 fat tire KDX200.

B: A Tecate 3-wheeler with one wheel removed.

C: Arctic Cat’s new 2018 snow bike.

D: A Kawasaki dirt bike with a big-wheeler swing-arm and fork kit.

Tune in next week for the correct answers (in case you didn’t know it was D on each one).


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