— 20 years worth of readers’ rides —

When it comes to quad riders, which group is the most passionate, enthusiastic and hard core of all? Well, we’d have to say the owners of two-stroke quads. Honda TRX250R riders are certainly fanatics and the same can be said for Suzuki Quadzilla owners as well. However, those two machines were only in production for around four years. On the other hand, you could buy new Yamaha Banshees from 1987 to 2006 here in the USA, and beyond that in Canada and other countries. Based on 20 years worth of people buying new Banshees, they are the largest group of two-stroke quad fanatics. They do indeed love their twin-cylinder screamers and are always proud to show off their machines. Here is a collection of Banshees as ridden today by Dirt Wheels readers.

Keenen Stangl

Jim Capman

Jim Capman

Jim Capman

John Terrizzi

Kyle Taylor

Tom Thesing

Brandon Vankirk

Evan Degraff

Mike Bevington

Adam Long

Pioto Fernandes

Ryan Robinson

Chris Moulds

Adam Parker

Chris Trapp

Daniel Huls

Jeremy Maney

Kevin Aliex

Jackson Cripps

Jeremy Baker

Ryan McMullen

Tommy Hoeft

Jarod Brown

Paul Cook

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