The Blue Ridge Open Championship Race Report


William Yokley recorded a DNF and an 8th in the two main Quad Terrain Pro Stock events this weekend at London, KY. There were 15 Pro Stock racers that qualified to ride in the mains.


We had a busy week getting ready for this WPSA event in the picturesque mountains of eastern KY. This race takes place during an off week from the GNCC’s. Kawasaki had provided me with a box stock Brute Force utility ATV to use in the Quad Terrain Challenge event. This event features all kinds of rough obstacles to test the limits of a utility ATV. There are sections of the track that have logs, rocks, mud bogs and steep hills; and the WPSA guys wet everything down to make things more interesting!

The weekend is long, with qualifying races on Friday and Saturday, and two main events on Sunday. The weather was hot with temps in the mid 90’s. The Daniel Boone Motocross Park is a neat facility with a lot of elevation changes; the track was difficult but fun to ride. I got a 5th on Friday and a 2nd on Saturday in the qualifying races. Saturday was a great race with Chris Borich, Jesse West and me dicing the whole race. In the end, Chris edged me out for the win.

There were two main events on Sunday; the first was a short one for me because my CDI box failed and I did not finish. We fixed the bike for the second main and I was looking forward to a better race. The gate dropped and I got a good start in the top 4. When we hit the first wet log section, I had a good line and thought I may come out in the lead. But then the carnage began! Another racer got way out of shape and came straight into my side knocking me sideways in the logs, somewhere you do not want to be. I was trying to get straight and was getting hammered by other riders as they were trying to get through; I felt like I was inside a pinball machine. Finally, someone hit me so hard that it straightened me up so that I could get a straight shot out of that log yard.

I immediately realized that something was not right with the machine. Sometime during all those love taps in the log pit, my footpeg and floorboard were ripped off the machine. All this action makes the Quad Terrain Challenge very popular with the ESPN audience. It’s exciting and the fans love to watch the action, every lap is unpredictable. I tried to finish the best I could and finished 8th with pieces flapping everywhere. I was muddy and sweaty, but had a great time. Overall, the Kawasaki ran great.

The Monster Energy Kawasaki motocross team was competing also; they had a really good weekend and seem to be getting the new KFX450’s dialed in. The National Guard guys had a neat display on vendor’s row with a rock climbing wall and other giveaways.

I’ve got a lot of work to do to get ready for the next GNCC at Snowshoe, WV. This should be a really cool event; we get to race at the ski resort area up and down the slopes. I expect a rough track with a lot of rocks and technical trails. We take a summer break after Snowshoe, and our twins should be born when the series resumes in September.

See you at the races!

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