A Complete Make Over on our Can-Am Defender Pro

By the staff of Dirt Wheels


We recently took a trip down south to YO Ranch on the plains of Texas to take a wild ride with some wild animals in the 2020 Can-Am Defender series. This years model line up got a new addition that took a Defender Max and basically photoshopped it into a completely new machine. More storage, more cargo, more beef, it’s all in the specs of the impressive new Defender Pro.

It seems that overland UTV builds are all the rage these days as people push the boundaries of UTV life. This unit that Can-Am displayed at the Defender HD10 introduction is one of the more impressive units that we have seen. We can picture adventures that would be perfect for this model series, so let’s start with why this machine is right for you.



Many consumers in the off-road world are turned off by the title “Sport-Utility vehicle”. The guys who want to go rip though the dunes or the desert go for the high horsepower sport models, while the working man only really needs utility and that’s good enough right? Not necessarily. According to the EPA a utility vehicle can only legally have 40 horsepower, and a sport vehicle can only be rated for 1000 lbs of load (even though it is tested with 1700 lbs)- among other restrictions. So having one or the other really limits the possibilities.

This all-new Can-Am Defender Pro gives you 82 horsepower, while that might not be as sporty as an X3 it’s enough for plenty of outdoor adventures. One of the big things about this machine is how much capacity it has.

We’re talking 100 gallons of in-cab storage which is more than 10 times what the average work model holds. On top of that the cargo bed is almost equivalent to that of a pickup truck, and can even be converted to a flatbed. For an overlanding application, this machine really makes sense, because there is no doubt that you will have room for equipment and supplies.

All this while having enough power to go places with it all. Although 13 inches of ground clearance and 28 inch tires would be fine for most applications, we know the “real tough guys” will kick things up a notch and change those numbers.

YO Ranch is in rural Mountain Home Texas between Kerrville and Junction Texas south of I-10. It has lodging, animal tours, lodging, and other adventures including hunting.

Animals in the exotics area with these giraffes are not for hunting. The ranch has an amazing history. An outdoor amphitheater, a pool, and a hot tub are among the amenities. UTVs are generally not part of the experience, but Can-Am influenced them to make an exception. www.yoranchheadquarters.com.

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